LEAD-7000/9000 Electrophysiology Recording System
LEAD-7000/9000 Electrophysiology Recording System

It can be used to record the electrocardiogram waveform of the body surface and intracardiac signal, measurement of intracardiac electrocardiogram and intravascular pressure, stimulus, which is suitable for Cardiac Arrhythmia diagnosis and research.


  • Excellent anti-interference ability. The ECG signals are accurate, clear and high fidelity;
  • With internal stimulator;
  • The max channels can reach 128 which can connect with LASSO, HALO etc. circumferential diagnosis catheter  to meet the complex operations needs such as atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter etc; 
  • Humanization design of operation window is improved the efficiency of surgery greatly;
  • Bidirectional interconnection with JJET of HL series and VATION series RF Ablation Generator not only can control RF energy output, but also display and record ablation parameters in real time.


LEAD-7000 A

LEAD-7000 B

LEAD-7000 C

LEAD-9000 A

LEAD-9000 B

LEAD-9000 C

LEAD-9000 D

LEAD-9000 E