3Ding Cardiac Mapping System
3Ding Cardiac Mapping System

It can conduct the 3D positioning navigation and 3D modeling through the positioning system. It can be used to record the electrocardiogram waveform of the body surface and intracardiac signal,measurement of intracardiac electrocardiogram and  intravascular pressure,stimulus. It is suitable for Cardiac Arrhythmia diagnosis and research, especially in the complex tachyarrhythmia application. 


  • Combined with 3D mapping, electrophysiology mapping and internal stimulating in one machine perfectly can provide a complete solution for tachyarrhythmias. 
  • Dual system. 3Ding Mapping System and Electrophysiology Recording System can run independently.
  • Adaptive electric field location-based technology and respiratory compensation can ensure the accuracy of 3D model construction; 
  • Open style. No need special catheter, compatible with the all popular brands.


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