Launch of the First Domestic 3Ding Cardiac Mapping System
January 16,2020

In 2013, the 3Ding Cardiac Mapping System independently developed by JJET was approved by China Food and Drug Administration(CFDA). The successful certificate obtaining not only establishes the leading position in the field of cardiac electrophysiology in China, but also won a place for Chinese enterprises in the field of international cardiac electrophysiology.

3Ding Cardiac Mapping System is suitable for the diagnosis and treatment of Complex arrhythmias with Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation (RFCA) which can record the position of the catheter in real time and draw the 3D anatomical geometry of cardiac cavity. At the same time, the intracardiac electrocardiogram and body surface electrocardiogram, activation time etc. are obtained. It provides an advanced information display platform for clinical doctors to reduce the time of X-ray irradiation and improve the success rate of difficult surgery, especially in the treatment of atrial fibrillation and atrial fibrillation.

The 3Ding Cardiac Mapping System adopts DDS( digital frequency synthesis)、digital demodulation, digital processing to form accurate, stable and safe 3D electric field location;  Adaptive electric field 3D localization, repositioning accuracy≤1mm;Open style without special catheters can reduce the operation cost.

The 3Ding Cardiac Mapping system is combined with 3D mapping, electrophysiology mapping and internal stimulating in one machine. Information synchronously, easy to control, fully functional, stable performance.